Day trip to Delphi. A great trip!

We had Stavros as our guide and driver. We couldn’t have asked for any better. He waited patiently for us to board, and as soon as we were off he began to tell us about the City of Athens. He spoke with enthusiasm and pride and it was infectious as all four of us asked questions, discussed history and literature and it was great fun.

I felt a little unwell initially and Mr. Stavros very kindly adjusted the route to accommodate an unscheduled stop.
He drove very well so we felt extremely comfortable and he made sure he stopped at vantage points so we got some amazing photos. His knowledge of Delphi was detailed and he took the trouble to stop and show us some wonderful sites of immense historical importance.

He was untiring and obviously used to not eating for long periods as he seemed surprised at our constant queries regarding lunch. When we finally stopped at Arachova, he was very wary at our choice of eatery as he was not familiar with it. We were touched by his concern and reassured him that the place “fterolakka” was an excellent restaurant.

He kept our flagging interest engaged even on the return journey. Something which definitely required some effort as by this time we were exhausted.

What impressed my daughters and me even more was the fact that when we reached the hotel and were saying thank you Mr. Stavros handed us a couple of packets contained Evil Eye bracelets for us. That made our day. It was the very first Grecian Gift and very unexpected.

I would recommend Mr. Stavros to anyone traveling to Greece. He is a knowledgeable, well spoken and very thoughtful person, and his only aim is to ensure the enjoyment and safety of his travelers.
Thank you, Mr. Stavros.